COVID-19   -   Additional Safety Measures

In light of the reality of Covid-19 we have modified how our sales operate to add additional safety measures and precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and public at large.  We feel confident that we have created an environment which is low risk while still creating an enjoyable shopping experience.  We plan to follow all gathering limit restrictions and additional recommendations and have in some cases added some additional safety measures which are not specifically required, but that we think can help our staff and the public at large have an added level of safety without jeopardizing the shopping experience or pricing our customers have come to appreciate.  Below is a list of additional safety measures we have taken to ensure public safety:

Safety Measures

  • Reduced the allowed Group size - We are allowing brides to bring 2 additional guests for a total of 3 guests per group.  This applied during our historically busier times which tend to be the early part of the sale namely from open until noon.  At noon and until the event wraps up at 4pm (last admission is 3pm), we will no longer limit the group size but still encourage groups of no larger than 4 per group.  At all times, the total number of customers cannot exceed 50 people.  
  • We are allowing video calling / chat and pictures so brides can share images of themselves in different dresses with people not able to attend to still have their important feedback
  • We will follow the recommendation relating to gathering size as setup out by the respective health and government agencies.  This currently includes having a maximum of 50 attendees at any one time in Ontario and 100 in Quebec based on our venue size
  • Mask / face coverings are required to be worn by staff and attendees at all times
  • Plexi sneeze guard will be used at cash and registration tables as an added barrier 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry and high traffic areas
  • Social distancing of 2 meters 
  • Direction arrows to promote physical distancing in key areas
  • All change room openings will be at least 6' apart from each other
  • We have increased our event space by an average of 50% from pre-Covid levels to allow the space required to properly social distance
  • Sanitizing change rooms between customers
  • Sanitizing tried on dresses between customers
  • Sanitizing high tough points frequently
  • Change rooms will be assigned upon entry to additionally help spread out customers
  • Contact information and group size will be registered upon entry to assist in the case of contact tracking and to ensure our limit of 50 attendees is not exceeded
We look forward to seeing you at our next sale.